Hangouts-on-Air available to mobiles

This week,  Google made Hangouts-on-Air available to mobiles in a recorded hangout.
A group of us have been testing out the capabilities with different phones and with great results. Interestingly, it is only available to users of Android phones and the update for Apple’s iOS will come very soon.

In this shot  Kempton Lam has his desktop pc open and also his Galaxy Nexus phone working. We tried the phone out while using both WiFi and also his 3G connection which while was weak, was providing a good signal.
We also tried out the Nexus phone in a larger group video-chat(hangout) and the connection required a stronger signal to cope with all the extra connections.

  There are some interesting features to try out.
  1. Switch off the camera. This leaves a captured image from the last frame in place
  2. Using multiple phones/slate-pads. Can help with creating a different perspective of an area or an event remotely.

  Some of the issues can be solved with either of these methods, especially when in a high density area with other mobiles competing for a signal..


  Some would ask “Why would you use this over other broadcast tools?
  My answer to them is simple. Here you have the opportunity to connect with up to 9 others in a video chat from around the world at once, using a free program from  Google.



This next photo is something that I have done often and this is a live news report this week from the scene of an accident using a mobile hangout.

This was the lead story for this KRNV  (Reno NV) news bulletin about a truck crash involving livestock.

When I saw that we were leading in with this story I was in amazement, as this is something that we had rehearsed at a previous meeting in Las Vegas
during the NABShow in April this year.

This is what I believe to be the true power of mobiles;  to be able to report live-to-air and be at the scene with little equipment and get the story to those who want to know. This becomes a very powerful medium for sharing information quickly to a large audience. There are other methods to achieve this, but they require a big budget and complicated setups.
This in comparison is very simple.


So how are you going to use your mobiles and record the action directly to YouTube?

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