Google Plus is Anything BUT a Ghost Town

We have often heard from journalists who complain that “Google Plus is a Ghost Town”. I find that Google Plus is Anything BUT a Ghost Town!

That is until someone points them to a particular tool or method of using the platform. Some have pointed out that the NYT has 2 million followers on their G+ page, but I guess it can be like many G+ pages and suffer from little interaction. Other News Corp. papers that I follow and engage with, have a totally opposite approach. Also take a look at the Cadbury UK page run by Jerry Daikin

I started out when the program was in Beta, about two weeks after the official opening to friends with email addresses. I was shown around by a few people and as a community we got to meet so many people. The thing that I like then was the ability to get closeup and personal with people who were in powerful positions, but would openly hold a conversation. I haven’t used Facebook in over a year and have no intention of paying them a visit just to read some silly status update.

Daria3The Google Community Managers made the difference and were our voice within Google to make changes. We could “hangout” with them via video chat and although they were unable to explain some of the new features that they were working on, at least they were willing to listen in order to improve the platform. Over the weekend I took part in a hangout concert with Daria Musk. I remember this video
from 18 months ago explaining her dream. There are so many like Daria that have reached out and found new people to connect with.

George Kiriyama NBC Bay Area 2My interest is with online broadcasting and so I found many people who have a similar interest.
These include journalists and news anchors and many an hour has been spent learning about how that system works and how I am able to help improve their story telling ability. (mine also)
Imagine me on the Brisbane(Au.) river broadcasting live-to-air to Columbia Missouri?  I couldn’t believe it when I was doing it either, but I have proof and we did manage to do this and quite regularly.
This was when hangouts were first released to iPhone’s in September 2011. I already had a kit for my iPhone, so it did help with making for a great video.

I am always looking to improve the technology, so research is my thing about connectivity and getting a clean video online while mobile. This is a huge challenge and one that has had a few failures along the way. WCSH6
Part of this was an idea by John Butterill to help those who are not able to get about for being sick, infirmed or elderly through Virtual Photo Walks
I have completed a few walks. Most pushed the limits on what can be done including this NYE fireworks in Brisbane with my friend Natasha last year.
Wildlife parks and Fireworks are a favourite with viewers and I guess the most response that I have had was from a livestream video that I took in Sydney last October for The International Fleet Review

Do you know anything about the data collection tools that are available including Google Ripples and CircleCount? (Where and who shared your content).

NYE 2011 018Also filling out your personal profile helps with  Google Search (who you are and what you do). I know journalists who build up their portfolio this way in order to gain their next position, much like setting up a profile on LinkedIn.
You can share where you want on Google Plus (Family posts can be shared with your family only, while business posts can be shared with business associates)
My favourite is just sharing to public, unless the post is related only to a group of people in a geographical area or based on their interests.
Now that YouTube shares the same comment system as G+ & Blogger, I see more videos that I will watch based on other’s viewing. There are times when I comment directly to G+ and other topics that I just keep to YouTube.

Qld Business Group Meet-Up 20.2.11 004One last thing that I wanted to share with you was the G+ HIRL (hangout in real life). This is where a group of plussers get together and spend some time together in real life. I have been to a few and have personally met some really incredible people.
Nearly two years ago, a group of us met up in Las Vegas for the NAB show. I am planning on being there again this April.

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